Nduta (Tanzania): ten Burundian asylum seekers in detention

Nduta (Tanzania): ten Burundian asylum seekers in detention

Ten Burundian asylum seekers are under arrest in Tanzanian. Formerly living in Nduta camp, they had been repatriated before returning to exile as a result of persecution experienced in their home village. They decided to return in exile but fear a forced repatriation. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

These Burundian asylum seekers are made up of six men, two women and two children.

“They arrived at Nduta camp last week but did not go directly to the reception centres. They preferred to stay with their friends, knowing the camp well, after spending more than five years there before their repatriation early this year”, indicates a Burundian refugee on the spot.

They were apprehended by the police and taken to the custody after they were denounced by their patriots.

“They were accused of having no papers and run the risk of being sent back to Burundi as Tanzania no longer gives asylum here”, regret Burundian refugees in Nduta.

However, the group claims having been subject to violence and discrimination on their village of origin in the provinces of Makamba and Ruyigi (south-east) over suspicion of “tarnishing the image of the country and enlisting in rebel movements”. The group wants to be accepted as refugees again in Tanzania.

Their compatriots understand their request.

“If ever anyone comes back here in this nameless misery, leaving their country, they should be welcomed because it is a proof that they are persecuted. Otherwise even, we ourself too, want to leave this camp but we miss where to go,” they say.

These Burundians arrived in Tanzania at the wrong time because last week, the authorities of this country indicated that they intend to turn back former Burundian refugees who have returned to exile.

In total, more than 1,048 Burundians are affected by the measure. They are former refugees who have returned to exile in the past two years after their repatriation to Burundi. The interested parties are asking the Tanzanian government to reverse its measure, indicating that the reasons which led them to flee the country are still relevant.

The Nduta camp currently has more than 76,000 Burundian refugees.

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