Rwanda-DRC: the Rwandan regime with Paul Kagame at its head is the enemy of the DRC (Félix Tshisekedi)

Rwanda-DRC: the Rwandan regime with Paul Kagame at its head is the enemy of the DRC (Félix Tshisekedi)

The Congolese president again attacked his Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame. Felix Tshisekedi considers him “a fervor for war” which sows “death and desolation”. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The Congolese head of state spoke on Saturday, December 3, 2022. He welcomed to his office at the city of the African Union in the capital Kinshasa, representatives of the youth of his country. He attacked Rwandan President Paul Kagame directly.

“[…], it is the Rwandan regime with Paul Kagame at its head which is the enemy of the Democratic Republic of Congo[…]”, he said in front of an audience of young people who were eating and drinking.

He went on saying to the applause of his audience.

“Rwandans need our help because they are muzzled. They need our help to free themselves. They need our solidarity to rid us and rid Africa of this kind of retrograde leaders who bring back the methods of the 60s and 70s[…]”.

According to the Congolese president, “wars continue to occur in Africa because of leaders such as Paul Kagame”.

He reiterated that ” he prides himself on being a fervor for war, a specialist in war. He is proud of it. ‘ He sow death and desolation. It’s shameful and I would even say diabolical’.

Last week, President Paul Kagame also spoke in terms resembling verbal attacks on the Congolese crisis.

“[…] those who think they can keep cutting our banana leaves because we are little stalks… you don’t know how wrong you are,” he said speaking in Swahili and English in a very severe tone. It was on the sidelines of a swearing-in ceremony for the new minister in charge of health, on November 30 in Kigali.

And to insist under the applause of the members of parliament “My friends, these people think that we are small rods! They will know that they are wrong. In our small size, we do not have the means but we have the ways”.

Relations continue to deteriorate between the two African Great Lakes countries as the third round of the Nairobi talks closes on Monday (December 5th).

Several analysts believe that it is very difficult to “find a solution to the Congolese crisis” as long as the relations of the vast Central African country with neighboring countries are not in good shape.

This Sunday, the Catholic clergy in the province of South Kivu (eastern DRC) held a march for peace in the town of Uvira where Christians and civil society associations asked the Congolese authorities to “close Congo’s borders with Uganda and Rwanda “which they accuse of supporting the M23, an armed group made up of Congolese Tutsis who have taken over several localities in the province of North Kivu since last June, including Bunagana, the border town with Uganda.

Several organizations including Amnesty International, local civil society and the Congolese authorities have accused him of having massacred civilians in areas he controls last week.

The rebel movement called the accusations “lies aimed at discrediting him with the population” and called for “an independent investigation”.

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