Mahama (Rwanda): the education component given to the World Vision

Mahama (Rwanda): the education component given to the World Vision

The education component in hands of the NGO-ADRA since 2015, was passed on to the World Vision. The UNHCR says it plans to boost education and hopes to fix irregularities denounced by refugees who now hope for the better following the changes. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The new education manager at the Mahama refugee camp was chosen last November, according to our sources.

“With ADRA, we often witnessed low teacher salaries and strikes. And then, the school material distributed was insufficient, especially notebooks and pens, to such an extent that parents would have to buy others so that the children had material to cover the whole year, “reacted parents of students and school children after the announcement of the new manager.

UNHCR indicates that ADRA remains in this sector in urban areas, but that the new choice has been made “with a view to improving the quality of service”.

World Vision says it is determined to ensure that “beneficiaries feel involved in finding solutions to their problems for effective refugee resilience”.

The Mahama camp in Rwanda has several primary and secondary schools, some located outside the camp for better integration into the host community.

The camp located further east, on the border with Tanzania, has more than 42,000 refugees, mostly Burundians, and some 3,000 Congolese from the Banyamulenge community.

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