Ituri/Nord-Kivu: 27 bodies of civilians killed by ADF fighters discovered in Irumu and Beni territories

Ituri/Nord-Kivu: 27 bodies of civilians killed by ADF fighters discovered in Irumu and Beni territories

Twenty bodies of civilians killed by Ugandan rebels ADF (Allied Democratic Forces) were discovered in several villages in Irumu territory, Ituri province, eastern DRC. Seven others were found in Beni territory in the neighboring province of North Kivu. The Ugandan rebels continue to instill terror and desolation in this part of Congo despite multiple joint operations by the Congolese and Ugandan armies. The bodies were seen earlier this week. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to the coordinator of the Convention for the Respect of Human Rights (CRDH), Irumu branch, Christophe Munyanderu, it is the villages of Epanza, Kazaroho, Ntume and Mangwalu that have recorded a heavy toll.

“Several people were killed by the ADF rebels over the last week in the forests located west of the Otomabere village, in the Bandavilemba groupment, chiefdom of Walese-Vonkutu. It was difficult for the members of the families to recover the bodies of their own. Last Sunday, some volunteers decided to recover the bodies from Kazaroho. Arrived at the center of Epanza, they met ADF preparing food near the village. They confirm the presence of ADF near the village,” said Christophe Munyanderu.

Seven other people were murdered by the same assailants in the villages of Kamungu, Maisafi, Kambi ya chui, Kanana, entities located near Eringeti in the territory of Beni, in the province of North Kivu neighboring with the province of ‘Ituri. They died instantly in the attacks of Saturday and Sunday according to the governor’s delegated official in Eringeti.

“We buried 7 bodies on Monday at the scene of the tragedy. Some of the victims were killed by ADF rebels on Saturday, others on last Sunday. They’re people still missing. The toll is still provisional ,” said Sabiti Njiamoja, the governor’s delegated official.

Local civil society also confirms reports of several other civilians kidnapped by the rebels.

It claims that the attackers also set fire to some property and residential houses during the attack.

“In the villages of Kamungu, Maisafi, Kambi ya chui, Kanana, the situation is complicated. In addition to the civilians killed, at least 30 others are missing. The attackers burned property of the population before withdrawing from the area a few minutes later, then they came back again,” said Bravo Vukulu, one of Bambuba-Kisiki’s civil society advisers.

Faced with this situation, the governor’s delegate in Eringeti calls on the population of this locality to be vigilant and to report any suspicious case. In this region, residents say they fear new attacks.

“We found leaflets on public roads reporting probable attacks on Christmas and New Year’s Day,” they report.

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