Bururi : more than 90 cases of Covid-19 detected in boarding schools

Bururi : more than 90 cases of Covid-19 detected in boarding schools

According to a medical source, 44 pupils from Rutovu secondary school have tested positive for Covid-19 until Wednesday. Five cases have been reported the fundamental school of Rutovu. At Rubanga secondary school in the neighboring town of Matana, medical sources confirm the detection of 35 cases of the pandemic among boarding pupils. At Bururi secondary school, medical sources say they have tested 8 pupils positive for coronavirus. A total of 92 pupils tested positive for Covid-19 in boarding schools in Bururi province (southern Burundi). INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Medical sources say the number of patients could reach 100 within two days.

Drugs have been provided to sick pupils but medical sources fear a shortage in the event of an exponential increase in cases of the pandemic.

According to a source on site in Rutovu, the multiplication of Covid-19 cases is due to contacts with pupils who participated in a handball tournament in Gitega (political capital) last week.

Positive cases have started to be discovered back from this tournament. This Tuesday, medical officials in the district of Rutovu decided to carry out a mass screening of all pupils at Rutovu secondary school and Ecofo (fundamental school) Rutovu 1. School officials then reinforced measures to combat the spread of the deadly virus within the confines of these two schools.

School authorities nevertheless fear “the increase in cases because of the proximity of pupils in dormitories, in the canteen and in classrooms”.

They call for more extensive screening.

“Doing a mass screening of all pupils in the province to prevent the spread of the pandemic”.

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