Kayokwe: a retired ex-FAB in detention

Kayokwe: a retired ex-FAB in detention

Elvis Nzigamasabo, a retired soldier who served in the ex-FAB (former Burundian army before the integration of Hutu armed movements) is detained since January 12. He was arrested in Kibumbu in the commune of Kayokwe (province of Mwaro – center of Burundi) by agents of the SNR (National Intelligence Service). He is currently kept at the provincial police station over accusation of speaking to the media in exile. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to witnesses, the pensioner was arrested by agents of the intelligence service on board a private vehicle.

“They took him to the police cell in Kayokwe commune before being transferred to the provincial police station in Mwaro,” our sources say.

The former soldier is accused of giving information to the Burundian media in exile. However, the person denies the charges.

His cell phone was confiscated.

His relatives speak of false allegations and demand his release.

Both the administrator of Kayokwe commune and the provincial governor say they do not know the reason for his arrest, but they promise an investigation.

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