Rumonge : the interior minister orders the closure of a dozen bars

Rumonge : the interior minister orders the closure of a dozen bars

Twelve bars and two mini-depots have been closed by order of the interior minister since Tuesday. Owners of these bars, including influential members of the CNDD-FDD, are accused of not respecting drink prices set by the government. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

While three ministers of trade, finance and internal affairs were in Rumonge (southwest Burundi) on Tuesday, residents denounced several irregularities including a rise in the price of food products and drinks in the province.

“During the meeting with the inhabitants, there were complaints in several areas, in this case the poor service in the administration and the non-respect of the prices fixed by the government. The minister of internal affairs immediately ordered the permanent closure of twelve bistros and two mini-depots of drinks”, report witnesses.

Three of the closed bars are modern and belong to influential CNDD-FDD members. These are : Town Beach, (located at the fishing port of Rumonge), Vuvuzela Bar and the bistro at Mwami (located in the Nkayamba neighborhood), according to residents.

Owners of the closed bistros are accused of not respecting the official prices. At their bars, a bottle of beer was sold with an increase of up to 500 Burundi francs, according to witnesses.

“[…], an amstel sold for three thousand Burundi francs instead of 2,500”, complained inhabitants.

Most bars were temporarily closed for a month for the same reason. But, Minister Martin Niteretse explained that he cannot accept that traders make colossal profits by trampling on the rights of citizens.

He ordered the administration to ensure strict compliance with the measure.

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