DRC : the standoff between President Tshisekedi and the M23 is not ready to end

On Wednesday September 20, 2023, the Congolese president declared to the press in New York that he does not intend to dialogue with the M23 rebels. The latter seems to

Goma: burial on government orders of more than forty bodies despite opposition from families and civil society

At least 40 bodies were buried on Monday September 18, 2023 on the orders of the governor of the North Kivu province in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, despite fierce opposition from members of their families who demanded an independent investigation before the burial. On August 30,

Kayanza: four mineworkers dead in a landslide in Kivuvu

The incident occurred in the afternoon of Monday, September 18. A strip of earth slipped and blocked a hole where four miners were searching coltan. It is on Kivuvu hill in Kabarore commune, Kayanza province (northern Burundi). The communal administration confirms the information and regrets the victims were not insured.

Cibitoke: 6 soldiers arrested after a confrontation with Imbonerakure

The 6 army officers were posted at Ruhagarika station, Buganda commune Cibitoke province, northwest Burundi. That is near the Rusizi River separating Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Five of them are locked up in the provincial police station cell since September 13 after clash with members of the

Bujumbura : worrying strengthening of security at RTNB

Employees of the Burundi National Radio and Television (RTNB), a state-run medium, were surprised to see, this Friday morning, an important security device such as the presence of police dogs at the entrance to the medium. The barriers guarded by soldiers from the Special Brigade for the Protection of Institutions

Photo of the week : more than 8,000 Burundians, including former returnees, requested asylum in the DRC in two months

According to figures provided by the National Commission for Refugees in Uvira in the province from South Kivu (eastern DRC), eight thousand two hundred Burundians were registered in less than

Mahama (Rwanda) : repetitive shortage of cooking gas stocks

Refugees from the Mahama camp in Rwanda denounce a cycle of shortages of cooking gas stocks. They are at least two weeks behind schedule each month, which aggravates the situation of misery which is in full swing in this Burundian and Congolese refugee camp. They are demanding the installation of

Dzaleka (Malawi) : five nurses suspended for selling medicines

An impromptu visit was made last Tuesday to the Dzaleka camp by officials from the UNHCR and the Malawian Ministry of Health in the Dowa district. They wanted to find out about the situation regarding the dire lack of medicines at the camp hospital. Employees of this health structure were

Nyarugusu (Tanzania): four police officers arrested for attempted theft

Police officers were caught stealing from the household of a Burundian trader in Nyarugusu camp. They were arrested with three civilian guards from the camp. The refugees demand exemplary punishment. INFO SOS Médias Burundi Last Friday, around 8 p.m., seven people in civilian clothes arrived at a Burundian trader in

DRC (Mulongwe) : refugees in search of firewood victims of rape

In the Mulongwe refugee camp in the South Kivu province in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundian refugees are lacking firewood. The refugees, especially women and girls, go into the surrounding forests in search of wood. According to sources within community leaders, they are in most cases