Cibitoke : prices of basic necessities have risen

Cibitoke : prices of basic necessities have risen

Prices of food and industrial products have increased significantly in all the districts of the province of Cibitoke (North-West Burundi) in recent days. The provincial administration urges the population to denounce speculators. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to residents, the price of rice and beans has risen respectively from 2,400 Burundi francs to 3,000 and from 1,600 to 2,000 Burundi francs per kilogram. Both foodstuffs are among the most eaten in the region.

Prices of Brarudi products (Burundi Brewery company) are currently experiencing an exponential rise due in large part to speculation.

“An Amstel bottle whose price is officially set at 1,900 Burundi francs is sold at 2,500 francs”, lament residents of the town center of Cibitoke province.

And they add, “It is revolting to see that a 50 kg bag of locally produced cement whose price has been fixed by the government at 24,500 francs is sold at 40,000 francs”.

The population of the province of Cibitoke, victim of the situation alert on the speculation of traders.

They ask authorities to take up the issue and regulate the prices of basic necessities.

Contacted in this regard, the governor of Cibitoke said he is aware of this situation strongly marked by the deficit of foodstuffs. He nevertheless warns speculative traders until the context can improve.

Carême Bizoza says he intends to organize a meeting with traders. Sanctions are not ruled out. He calls on the population to denounce speculators.

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