Dzaleka (Malawi): at least 100 refugees detained

Dzaleka (Malawi): at least 100 refugees detained

Last week, a riot broke out in Dzaleka camp in Malawi. Since then, the police have arrested the refugees alleged to be the perpetrators of the movement which led to the damage. Refugees report that at least 100 of their peers are in detention, but police only recognize about 20. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The reported number relates to refugees arrested after the riots which occurred last Tuesday at the Dzaleka camp.

“[…], since Tuesday, the police have made targeted arrests. Until last weekend, at least 100 refugees were already apprehended”, report refugees who say they do not know where most of them have been taken.

According to our sources, some of those arrested have been transferred to Dowa district, others are still being held in police cells in Dzaleka camp, but there are also those who have been taken to undisclosed locations.

While the refugees speak of a hundred of their arrested peers, the police recognize about twenty, which worries the refugees.

“We fear for their safety because we have looked for them in all the official cells, in vain. Let them tell us where they are”, worry the families of the refugees apprehended by the police.

This Monday, “Plan International”, a human rights organization in Dzaleka obtained the release of three minors who were part of the group.

The police say they have no intention of harassing the refugees, but that the leaders of the movement must be questioned.

The protest erupted last Tuesday during the distribution of tents in Dzaleka camp after some refugees did not end up on the beneficiary lists.

The Dzaleka camp is home to around 52,000 refugees, including 11,000 Burundians.

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