Nyanza-Lac: a former village chief beaten up by an Imbonerakure

Nyanza-Lac: a former village chief beaten up by an Imbonerakure

Patrice Ntiganzwa, former chief of Muyange vill in Nyanza-Lac district, Makamba province (southern Burundi) was seriously beaten up by an Imbonerakure (CNDD-FDD party youth league member) on Sunday night. The perpetrator of the attack is detained by the local police. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to sources on site, this septuagenarian, member of the opposition party Uprona (Union for National Progress) was attacked by an Imbonerakure named Charles known by the nickname of Mugomozi.

“This old man was returning from a bistro when a certain Jean Bosco Ntakirutimana took him by the hand and brought him back to the bistro. When he got inside, another Imbonerakure with the first name of Charles, known by the nickname of Mugomozi, knocked him down. He fell down the head first”, witnesses said.

Mugomozi began to trample on this septuagenarian accusing him of having ordered the murder of his father in 1993.

“He started jumping four times at the level of the victim’s abdomen. He repeated this sentence, “You killed my father in 1993. The victim began bleeding from the mouth and nose”, explained those who witnessed the scene.

The two Imbonerakure tried to flee but people on the spot intervened.

Patrice Ntiganzwa was transferred directly to Nyanza-Lac district hospital.

Charles was arrested and has been kept at Muyange police station.

Members of the victim’s family say they are worried about the fact that Jean Bosco Ntakirutimana, an accomplice in this act, is so far free while he obviously participated in the crime.

Patrice Ntiganzwa was village chief in Muyange from 1993 until 2015. After that year, he was denied re-election for “refusing to join the ruling party”, according to local sources.

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