Bururi: four people from the same family in detention

Bururi: four people from the same family in detention

Four people belonging to the same family have been detained since Christmas night in police cells in Bururi (southern Burundi). Three of them are suspected of having tried to free one of their relatives, detained for drunkenness. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Richard Ndayikengurukiye has been detained in a police cell in Bururi since Christmas Eve for being drunk.

His wife, Rosalie Kaneza, his mother Judith Ndayizeye and his brother Patrick Ndayegamiye joined him in this cell.

According to a police source in Kiremba-Sud, Muzenga zone in the district and province of Bururi (in the south of Burundi), police officers from the post of Kiremba-centre arrested Richard Ndayikengurukiye considering that his state of drunkenness could be a source of insecurity.

“Members of his family reportedly went to the same post to force his release”.

According to the police version on the spot, “a policeman who stood guard had to shoot in the air to disperse them”.

Other police officers on patrol in the vicinity of this post immediately responded by firing several shots.

“They thought it was an attack targeting the post”.

All four people were arrested and immediately taken to the police cell in Bururi.

They remain detained there.

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