Covid-19 : more than 200 cases detected

Covid-19 : more than 200 cases detected

A strong spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has been reported in Bururi province in southern Burundi. At least 172 cases have been detected in this southern province of the country in less than a week. Thirty others are listed in other provinces. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

This Friday’s situation reports 72 positive cases at the Rubanga secondary school, a boarding school located in the town of Matana. As of Wednesday this week, the school had 35 positive coronavirus cases.
This proves that the school recorded 37 new positive cases in two days.

At Rutovu secondary school, the situation reports 58 positive cases compared to 44 on Tuesday evening.

At Bururi secondary school located in the provincial town center, medical sources confirmed 42 cases of Covid-19 this Friday morning while the same school had recorded 8 positive cases at the start of the week, that is, an increase of 34 positive cases for Covid-19 in three days.

According to school sources, schools are having difficulty implementing measures to combat the spread of the pandemic.

Schools lack buckets, disinfection kits.

Alongside the lack of equipment and disinfectants, boarding pupils live in crowded dormitories. In classrooms they stay together, share the same tables in the refectory. This complicates social distancing and promotes contamination.

According to a document from the ministry in charge of health seen by SOS Médias Burundi, other provinces including Ngozi, Kirundo and Cibitoke in the northwest are also recording cases of Covid-19, the district of Bukinanyana in the province of Cibitoke being at the top with 22 cases.

In the province of Makamba in the south, Bujumbura in the west and the commercial city Bujumbura, the cases are less numerous.

Since the first case emerged in March 2020 in the small East African nation, at least 23,984 people have received the vaccine against the deadly virus, out of a total of 50,470 positive cases detected and 1,866,744 who have been tested.

At least 38 patients have died as a result of the pandemic, according to a report from the national committee in charge of the fight against coronavirus. On January 5, the tiny East African nation dropped Covid-19 testing for all travellers, making Burundi the latest East African Community country to suspend them.

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