Bubanza : more than 140 confirmed cases of Covid-19 at the provincial prison

Bubanza : more than 140 confirmed cases of Covid-19 at the provincial prison

More than 140 detainees tested positive for Covid-19 in the central prison of Bubanza (western Burundi). Treated, several of them are cured. A dozen remaining cases with the deadly virus are confined, pending recovery. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to sources at Bubanza prison, patient zero with coronavirus is a prisoner in contact with the outside.

In one week, 143 detainees were infected out of a prison population of more than 500 persons.

“Bubanza prison and health authorities have been alerted. They have taken measures to curb the spread of the virus. Mass screening in the prison has been carried out”, said a source close to Bubanza prison.

Four serious cases were transferred to the provincial hospital. They were treated in the intensive care unit of the health facility.

“They are all healed and back in prison”, our sources noted.

Measures to stop the spread

Immediately after the discovery of the first cases, health services carried out a mass screening. They then disinfected cells where the infected inmates slept. They were isolated to avoid contamination of the entire prison population. They had no contact with visitors.

“We are pleased that these measures have produced a favorable effect. Among women, only two cases remain”, our sources said.

In Bubanza province outside the prison, no social distancing measures are taken in gathering places, at the market, in churches, in meetings. No more wearing a mask or a device for washing hands.

At the remand center, vigilance remains in order, patients who are cured remain under medical supervision.

Outside the prison, the data of people who tested positive for Covid-19 remain unknown.

In just one week, at least 439 people have been infected with the deadly virus in the small East African nation, according to a count by SOS Médias Burundi.

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