Rutana: the prosecutor of Rutana and the former head of the SNR under legal proceedings

Rutana: the prosecutor of Rutana and the former head of the SNR under legal proceedings

The public prosecutor in the province of Rutana (south-east of Burundi) is being prosecuted for failing to assist a person in danger as the former head of the national intelligence service (SNR) in the same province, is accused of acts of torture. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to sources close to the case, the public prosecutor in Rutana, Léonidas Niyungeko and Pépin Habimana appeared before the Makamba Court of Appeal (southern Burundi) on Wednesday. They are prosecuted in connection with a torture case of a trader named Georges Nisubire, from the chief town of the province of Rutana, facts dating back to September 2022.

INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The victim was tortured by Pépin Habimana who was then responsible for the SNR in this province at the time of the incidents.

The atrocity unfolded in the presence of the governor of Rutana Olivier Nibitanga. The trader had wanted to help his companion Alexis Niyongabo nicknamed Kabisi who was then detained at the intelligence service office in Rutana.

The two traders were in conflict with Governor Nibitanga and the head of the SNR. Pépin Habimana was then dismissed following this file.

Léonidas Niyungeko refused to compile a file to prosecute Pépin Habimana despite having received orders from his superiors.

He is therefore prosecuted for “failure to assist a person in danger”. Mr. Habimana is being prosecuted for “acts of torture”.

A second public hearing is expected to take place in the coming days.

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