Mwaro: a teacher in detention

Mwaro: a teacher in detention

Marie Ndereyabandi, a teacher in the 5th primary school at the fundemental school of Gasenyi in the commune of Nyabihanga, in the province of Mwaro (central Burundi) is detained in the custody of the provincial police station. She is prosecuted for beating and damaging the eye of Ariella Iteriteka, a schoolgirl of her class. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Marie Ndereyabandi is locked up in the provincial police station in Mwaro. She was transferred there after spending nearly two weeks in the custody at the communal police station in Nyabihanga.

The schoolgirl’s parents demand that their child be treated.

This information is confirmed by Maniratunga, municipal director of education in Nyabihanga who pleads for medical expertise first.

Local police say they have opened an investigation.

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