Nyanza-Lac: the communal administrator and all his aids sacked

Nyanza-Lac: the communal administrator and all his aids sacked

Marie Goreth Irankunda, communal administrator of Nyanza-Lac (province of Makamba, southern Burundi) as well as Prudence Kabura and Elias Ciza respectively president and vice-president of the communal council were dismissed on Friday allegedly for incompetence, mismanagement and squandering of public property. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The dismissal decision of the three was taken by the communal council in an extraordinary session in which the three individuals didn’t show up.

“As the president of the communal council and his deputy had refused to convene a session, the rest of the members met. The oldest headed the council which dismissed the administrator and his office”, our sources say.

The three concerned are accused of lacking the skills required to live up to their duties, of appropriating properties belonging to the State including cemeteries, of denigration and refusal to execute decisions of the communal council, of execution of activities not voted on by the municipal council, etc.

According to our sources, all the 25 municipal council members who took part to the session voted for the dismissal of the three individuals.

None of those who were dismissed were present.

Provisionally, the commune will be managed by the permanent secretary before a new administrator is elected.

Since she was picked as the head of the commune, the members of the communal council of Nyanza-lac had always accused Marie Goreth Irankunda of embezzlement of the property of the commune during ordinary meetings.

She is the fourth municipal official sacked in Makamba province after those of Kayogoro, Makamba and Vugizo.

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