Bururi-Rumonge: four bodies found in less than three weeks

Bururi-Rumonge: four bodies found in less than three weeks

Four bodies were discovered in less than three weeks in the two southwestern provinces of Burundi, which frighten the population living near the scene. They demand accountability from the administrative and police authorities. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The latest discovered body is a 12-year-old boy found this Tuesday evening at the fishing port located in the town of Rumonge (southwest of Burundi)

The local administration was dispatched there for investigation and announced to the population living near this fishing port that the victim was drowned in Lake Tanganyika during a swimming.

Explanations that have not convinced some as they wish a thorough investigations to be made before “a final conclusion on the causes of the boy’s death”.

The body was evacuated to the morgue of the provincial hospital.

Another body, of a woman whose identity has not been recognized, was found near the Kizuka area market. Witnesses who saw the body say the victim was naked and presenting signs of a brutally raped victim. A branch of tree was introduced into her genital organ. It was November 30.

In the neighboring province of Bururi (southern Burundi), a body of a man was discovered near the Murembwe river at the foot of the hill and commune of Songa, on December 5.

The victim was tied up and tied to a large rock. The population living near the valley informed the administration which proceeded to his burial.

Residents of this hill claim that the victim is a native of Gitsinda hill in the commune of Buyengero, in the province of Rumonge.

In the same commune of Songa, another body of a man named Julien was found on the sub hill of Rubanda on November 20th. The deceased was a radio repairman, according to local sources.

He was reported missing three days before his body was discovered.

Residents report that the administrator of the commune of Songa ordered his burial after a security meeting held with the local population.

Residents remain worried about the discovery of the bodies on their hill. They call for thorough investigations to determine the circumstances in which these people died.

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