Rumonge: two administrative officers detained

Rumonge: two administrative officers detained

The governor’s financial and administrative advisor in the province of Rumonge (South-west of Burundi) and the administrator of the commune of Buyengero (same province) spent their first night in detention. They are held in the central provincial prison over accusation of diverting material intended for the construction of the schools. INFOS SOS Médias Burundi

It was around 5 p.m. this Wednesday that Gratien Nduwayo, administrator of Buyengero and Assa Gituwitaye arrived at Murembwe prison.
They were first heard by the Attorney General at the Bururi Court of Appeal (south of the country) all day.

According to our sources in Rumonge, the two administrators are prosecuted for “diversion of sheets and bags of cement given by the Presidency of Burundi for the construction of schools”.

According to an administrative source who testified on condition of anonymity, a significant part of the material in question was seized in house of the father-in-law of the administrator of Buyengero, on the hill of Rukinga in the commune and province of Rumonge.

“At Pascal Ntukamazina, 112 bags of cement and 50 sheets were seized there,” said the same source.

After his arrest, Pascal Ntukamazina revealed that it was the administrator of Buyengero, at the same time his son-in-law, who stored these quantities of cement and sheets at his home.

The other administrative officer who was interviewed by the general prosecutor in Bururi is the communal administrator of Bugarama (province of Rumonge). He also responded to questions about the misappropriation of equipment granted by the Presidency for the construction of classrooms.

Judicial sources indicate that he was able to demonstrate that there are no shortcomings in the use of the equipment entrusted to his municipality.

According to sources familiar with the case, other administrative authorities were to be heard on Thursday in the same case.

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