Nduta (Tanzania): several humanitarian NGOs will suspend their activity

Nduta (Tanzania): several humanitarian NGOs will suspend their activity

At least four main humanitarian NGOs will no longer provide their services to refugees from January 2023. They will suspend their activity for lack of financial means. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The humanitarian NGOs which have already announced that they intend to stop their service are among other Women’s Legal Aid Center (WILAC) which deals with the legal aspect, PLAN International which helps children under 18, HelpAge International which is interested for the elderly and disabled and IRC which deals with violence against women.

“These NGOs are no longer going to provide services here in the camp. Don’t worry, the services and aid they provided will be given by another humanitarian NGO called Danish Refugee Council (DRC). It’s just a change of partner, nothing will change, “said a UNHCR agent who coordinated these NGOs, before explaining that the lack of financial means is the main cause of this suspension of activities.

However, refugees fear serious consequences.

“How are services normally provided by four NGOs going to be well provided by a single NGO? It is normal that the quality of service will suffer. And even more, it is the key NGOs that are closing the door”, lament Burundian refugees, fearing loss of life in the coming months.

This suspension is misinterpreted.

“We are left to our own. It is also a strong message that Tanzania and the UNHCR send to us. And so they want us to come back willingly or by force. And this, after visits by the Burundian authorities here”, continue the refugees.

They ask the UNHCR not to “fall into the trap set by Burundi and Tanzania”, otherwise, they specify, “it will bear the consequences sooner or later”.

It is not yet known whether these humanitarian NGOs will also suspend their activity in the Nyarugusu camp.

Tanzania alone has more than 126,000 Burundian refugees.

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