Bubanza: an armed band of thieves sows panic

Bubanza: an armed band of thieves sows panic

Bandits armed with bladed weapons are roaming the neighborhoods of the capital of the province of Bubanza (Western Burundi) and commit robbery. One of them was killed, seven others were arrested and held in a local police cell. The administration requires night rounds. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Since the beginning of December, theft cases have increased, especially in the downtown neighborhoods of Bubanza.

Women returning home in the evening around 7 p.m. are the most targeted.

“I was returning when two individuals dressed in long jackets took my phone and left,” said a woman from the Kizungu neighborhood.

This is not an isolated case.
In the districts of Gisovu, Kanabubu, Masaka, Ruvumvu, Kivogo, bandits force doors and windows and steal goods and food.

Who are these bandits?

Among those arrested are Imbonerakure (members of the CNDD-FDD youth league, the presidential party) from outskirts of Bubanza center including the neighborhoods of Giko, Matonge.

“There is one who fell into the hands of people who were making the rounds in the Masaka district. He was beaten to death. He was a young man fresh out of Bubanza prison”, explains a resident of Kanabubu.

In a meeting held for the population and its representatives, the governor of Bubanza recently announced the obligation of night rounds.

“Anyone who fails to do so will be considered a criminal or an accomplice. We must also strengthen the joint security committees,” insisted the provincial police commissioner.

For the past week, Imbonerakure, in an organized gang have been arresting people returning home at night, forcing them to follow them. They identify households that do not participate in this activity to report them to the administration.

“Night rounds are a police job, not a civilian job,” complained one official.

Summons begin to fall. On December 20, the administrator of Bubanza commune summoned 16 people from Masaka and Ruvumvu neighborhoods without specifying the reason for the summons.

“It’s terror. They want us to leave our households to watch all night. Who knows if they don’t want to set traps for us to eliminate us during these night rounds”, ask the skeptics.

Understanding the importance of security, some residents ask that these night rounds be well organized, involving everyone.

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