Kirundo: a woman found hung in her room

Kirundo: a woman found hung in her room

A woman was discovered on Monday morning, hanging in her bedroom.
The husband of the victim, a soldier assigned to the Makamba camp (southern Burundi) is suspected of having simulated the suicide of his wife by hanging. He was arrested by the local police. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Residents of the hill of Monge, in the zone and commune of Ntega in the province of Kirundo (northern Burundi) found Patricie Cizanye, aged 32, hanging on a rope in her bedroom.

Her husband, Master Corporal Pascal Hakizimana, about fourty, was not at home that morning.

“He was not at home. Yet he had just spent a few days at home,” confirmed a neighbor.

Our sources report that a letter was found in the bedroom near the bed. It says “the time we have just spent together is enough. I prefer to leave you. Have peace and know that the pregnancy I am carrying is not yours”.

Women members of the same association as the deceased explain that she could neither read nor write.

“It was rather her husband who faked suicide by hanging. He wrote this letter,” say friends of Cizanye.

The entourage says that the couple was not in good relations.

“The husband called his wife a prostitute. He said that her pregnancy was not his.”

A local administrative source indicates that the suspect reportedly abandoned his wife to marry another woman in Bujumbura (commercial city) six years ago. He had just spent just a year with his first wife after leaving his concubine, a local administrative source said.

The young mother is survived by three children. Her husband is held in the judicial police cell in Ntega commune.

According to police sources, a flagrant trial is planned in this case.

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