DRC: the international community has resigned to the violence devouring the Congolese people (Pope Francis)

DRC: the international community has resigned to the violence devouring the Congolese people (Pope Francis)

Pope Francis began a six-day visit to Africa on Tuesday, January 31, 2023. He will spend four days in the DRC then move to South Sudan. He denounced among others “an economic colonialism” the vast country of Central Africa and Africa suffer. He also blamed the international community for having resigned to the violence that is devouring the Congolese people. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

After his arrival in the capital of the mineral rich country, the sovereign pontiff met local authorities, civil society and diplomats accredited to Kinshasa. He denounced the looting of the DRC and Africa.

“[…] it is tragic that these places and more generally the African continent still suffer from various forms of exploitation….Africa must be exploited. And that is terrible. After political colonialism, an equally enslaving economy has been unleashed. This largely plundered country is therefore unable to benefit sufficiently from its immense resources”, criticized Pope Francis in front of a very attentive audience.

“We have arrived at the paradox that the fruits of its land make it foreign to its inhabitants. The poison of greed has bloodied its diamonds”.

The Holy Father compares the situation in the DRC to “a drama before which the economically more advanced world often closes its eyes, ears and mouth”. For him, “the Congo deserves to be listened to, it deserves space and attention”.

“Remove your hands from the Democratic Republic of Congo, remove your hands from Africa, stop suffocating Africa. It is not a mine to be exploited, nor a land to be plundered”, he insisted, wishing that Africa be the protagonist of its own destiny.

Resignation of the international community

The head of Vatican City has sharply criticized the international community.

“Looking at these people, one has the impression that the international community has almost resigned to the violence that is devouring them. We cannot get used to the blood that has been flowing in this country for decades desolate causing thousands of deaths to unbeknownst to many. We must chase away what is happening here, that the ongoing peace process that I encourage with all my strength, be supported in practice and that the commitments be kept” he said.

He called on the leaders of the largest country in Central Africa to be at the service of the population.

“He who holds civil and governmental responsibilities is called to act with crystal clarity living the responsibility received as a means of serving society”, recalled Pope Francis, who clarified that “power only has meaning in fact if it becomes a service”.

“How important it is to act in this spirit by fleeing authoritarianism, the search for easy wealth and the thirst for money”. The apostle Paul refers to these three things as “the root of all evil” he hammered.


In his speech that he delivered while seated in his chair, Pope Francis mentioned the elections, the Congo is preparing for a general election this year.

“And at the same time, promote free, transparent and credible elections, further extend participation in the peace process to women, young people and marginalized groups, seek the good and security of individuals rather than personal or group interests, strengthen the presence of the State everywhere throughout the territory ..”, he declared.


“Let us not allow ourselves to be manipulated, even less bought by those who want to maintain the country in violence in order to exploit it and do shameful business. This only brings discredit and shame with death and misery”.

He also deplored “the scourge of child labor” and called for it to stop.

The sovereign pontiff compares the Congo to “a diamond of creation” representing the greatest purity and being able to resist chemical products but warned that “the continual repetition of violent attacks as well as the numerous situations of distress could weaken the resistance of the Congolese, undermine their strength of soul, lead them to become discouraged and to shut themselves up in resignation”.

Pope Francis will not go to Goma (capital of North Kivu in eastern Congo) as initially planned. But he will receive the representatives of the victims of the atrocities committed in eastern Congo.

President Félix Tshisekedi spoke of “forgotten genocide from which the DRC suffers”.

After the DRC, the sovereign pontiff will go to South Sudan. Another country devastated by endless wars and inter-ethnic conflicts.

“During his trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan, Pope Francis should publicly call on the leaders of both countries to take concrete steps to end impunity for crimes under international law. The human rights situation in each of the two countries will not be possible without criminal accountability for the atrocities committed during the armed conflicts,” said Tigere Chagutah,
Amnesty International’s Director for Eastern and Southern Africa.

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