Bujumbura: two sites declared areas of public utility

Bujumbura: two sites declared areas of public utility

According to decree number 100/008 of January 24, 2023, the Gasenyi site located in the commune of Mutimbuzi in the province of Bujumbura (western Burundi) and Gishingano in the commune of Isale (same province) were declared areas of ‘public utility. They now belong to the Presidency of the Republic of Burundi. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The Gishingano site is made up of the localities of Gishingano, Remba, Karama, Buhayira and Kigwere in the commune of Isale.

This site covers the area of of ​​more than 334 hectares.

It was recovered by the Burundian State to constitute a protection zone for the Presidency of the Republic of Burundi.

The Mutimbuzi site, with more than 225 hectares acres should house the buildings of the Presidency of the Republic.

However, the decree remains silent on the compensation of the former occupants of these two sites.

The perimeter on which the buildings of the presidency are erected was at the beginning claimed by the inhabitants of the locality and its surroundings, believing that the government should grant them fair compensation and prior to carrying out any activity there.

The Burundian head of state, Évariste Ndayishimiye, recently indicated that he has proof that “it was high authorities who bought land in this perimeter in order to demand exorbitant compensation”.

“These are the same authorities who are uprising people, telling them to go and do sit-ins because they don’t want to appear. I know everything. Someone said to me: do you want we reveal ourselves? No,” President Neva said at the recent CNDD-FDD congress in the city of Gitega, the political capital.

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