DRC: the freedom of the press laws awaits its promulgation

DRC: the freedom of the press laws awaits its promulgation

The Minister for Communication and Media Patrick Muyaya won his bet on Tuesday before the country’s deputies. It’s a bill to ratify the ordinance law on the terms and conditions for the exercise of freedom of the press, freedom of information and broadcasting by radio and television, the written press or any other means of communication in DRC, was adopted by the National Assembly. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to Minister Muyaya, the bill marks the vision of the President of the Republic and a culture of “accountability of government action and the improvement of the country’s image”.

Mr. Muyaya also indicated that a study of the state of play on freedom of expression was carried out.

“We have started work by mutual agreement with the various professional organizations to take stock of the exercise of freedom of expression on the one hand and the general situation of the media on the other across the country, for the purpose of guaranteeing the exercise of freedom of expression,” the minister said.

Despite the opposition of some national deputies on the immediate application of this law, Minister Muyaya demonstrated its necessity to enter a new era in the media sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“If we had made this law a government empowerment, it is because there is urgency. This law makes it possible to solve a large number of problems which disturb this sector on a daily basis, including slippages and non-compliance of certain media, especially the online news media which, with technological development, are advancing with remarkable speed”, underlined the Minister of Communication and Media.

“I point out to you that all these radios are not in order. They are not governed by any law. We must therefore not delay the application of this law. There is an immediate need to restore the state authority”.

The National Assembly also examined and adopted seven other bills on the ratification of the ordinances-laws taken in execution of the law on the empowerment of the government.


Illustration photo: the headquarters of rural radio Ondese FM in Uvira in South Kivu, Photo credit: Jean Pierre Aimé Harerimana

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