Baregeya’s dreams : more and more inflation and loss of hearts

Baregeya’s dreams : more and more inflation and loss of hearts

A hollow stomach following the exponential rise in food prices, in short, a total misery of “real” Burundians, risks breaking the camel’s back. Overwhelmed by lyrics devoid of any substance, sarcastic and worthy of vampires of an era that would only exist in fiction of which only the “boss of Satan” would be director, our columnist lacks the words to talk at least about the unbearable situation. (Chronicle by Mahoro on SOS Médias Burundi).

Wow! Burundi is converted into a Garden of Eden.

Everything is white, everything is clean. In the sky it is white. On earth it is white. In the fields, it’s white. It dances in the land of drums.

Young people do the military parade in the presence of the highest dignitaries of the country. Here and there is white. But…it’s white. Drum beating, a messiah black but with bright white teeth harangues the crowd in a crowded stadium.

Dances, testimonies follow each other and resemble each other to say how happy they are. Who would dare to say otherwise? No one, no doubt.

They ride on rabbits

Look! It does not mess with our angels. They leave the synagogue with a means of transport that we had never seen. My God, they’re all sitting on white rabbits, big rabbits with elephantine sizes.

Yes ! Some even sleep on these rabbit-elephants. And, hold on tight, in fields of white crops. And on their way, the mega bunnies dismissively leave banknotes as droppings and urinate the gold. What a paradise!

Children beam with joy everywhere, in white on white chairs. Only white in class. No need to eat or cook, no one is hungry because everyone is beaming with joy, we show off our teeth.

Dream and shut up!

My God! What will I become? The white I saw and smelled everywhere was just bad luck. The white in the sky was the burning sun. The white on earth was hail. Rabbits worthy of elephants are the words that come out of famous Neva. Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!

The white was mostly those empty pockets and mouths, loose teeth between chapped lips, about to die. The white in the classroom is the classrooms empty of desk benches, children sitting on the floor, with empty stomachs. Paths leading to these schools are strewn with barefoot prints.

Children are dropping out of school at a rapid pace. The people in the synagogue were none other than young people at the stadium, starving and out of work but forced to show their teeth as a laugh, while Ndayishimiye talks nonsense for long hours, fat bellies, in front of children from the starving countries.

Small people to lead?

Dear Neva! “Weak minds (little people) comment on individuals, average minds comment on events, while strong minds (big people) comment on ideas.”

Even if I paraphrase a quote a little, situate yourself. If you can’t, because power is intoxicating, you’re wasting too much time talking about people like Rufyiri (chairman of Olucome-Observatory for the fight against corruption and economic embezzlement) or other supposed enemies and, even more often, and this is what is most worrying, about you, generally providential, the more this, the more that!
Dear President, so many drops have so many times broken the camel’s back. Act then, you who love to pray so much, as a Christian model, like King David when he had sinned against God. It’s never too late. Otherwise, tomorrow…this population to whom you are subjecting untold misery will not be able to live on rabbits whose only reality is the words that come out of your lips.

Mr. President, since when does the mere fact of hearing the word rabbit fill the stomach? Do you believe this is what will save Burundians? Since when does everyone have to become a farmer? Never.

Turn your tongue 1000 times…

Dear “Father of the Nation” (as you keep calling yourself), turn your tongue 1000 times before speaking. The occasions when you missed the opportunity to turn it are countless. When you dare to say that we should not talk about the dollar in Burundi, when you put the Burundian franc on the pedestal, when you make your poor calculations on the GDP in front of the crowd, who do you think you are lying to? Unfortunately, even the “president of the elected” of the people is of your opinion, not to say that he surpasses you in terms of missing the opportunity to be silent. Burundi’s salvation will not come from these fields that dignitaries despoil from the poor population. The tears turn into those misfortunes that befall the country, those misfortunes that you and yours do not feel.

Burundians are starving. Inflation is reaching bottomless abysses. Nothing is going well in all sectors. Admit it and stop lying to Burundians because “Uburundi bugona buri maso” (Burundians pretend to dream), they say. But, beware of sleeping water.

In this jungle, there are tigers who, without seeming to, can devour without proclaiming their “tigritude”. When the population will have nothing left to lose, when they will be fed up with your facial expressions, you will then understand that it was not necessary to proceed in this way in the management of fuel, in the marketing of basic necessities, in short in the management of public affairs.

My God! Where are you? I would have liked your omnipresence to weigh in the choice of my words. Unfortunately, I have the impression that I no longer feel you, my God! Why let me say that?

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