Nyanza-Lac: two people seriously injured following a land dispute

Nyanza-Lac: two people seriously injured following a land dispute

Both people were seriously injured on Tuesday around 6 p.m. in Kazirabageni village, in Nyanza-Lac district in Makamba province (south of the country). Two suspects have been arrested by Nyanza-Lac police. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The injured people are a 70-year-old widow named Caritas and her 25-year-old servant named Ndayisaba.

They were reportedly injured by Gilbert Nyandwi, a native of Murinda village in the district of Vugizo (same province).

“The victims were harvesting palms when they were attacked”, according to administration officials in Kazirabageni.

They specify that the two families have had a land dispute which has opposed them for several years and that it is for the second time that the perpetrator has injured this septuagenarian.

The local administration adds that a related trial is pending in court.

It calls on the population to no longer take justice into their own hands. The injured people were taken to Nyanza-lac hospital.

The suspect and his father are in the hands of Nyanza-lac police.

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